Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Stink Eye

That's right, I'm giving Mom the stink eye in this one...I think she deserves it, what do you think? However, I did cooperate for Baby Joslyn's sake but not for long, mind you!
In other news, I wanted to share about my guard dog abilities with everyone.  Mom and Dad never knew if I had it in me but I showed them...
We had a visitor a few weeks ago and I greeted them the night they came but didn't realize they spent the night.  When they came downstairs the next morning Mom and Baby J were in the kitchen when they heard this loud, ferocious barking and came running to see me barking and lunging at our sweet 12 year old visitor!  Don't worry, I was only warning her but had she been an intruder then she would have been in for a bad time. ;)  Anyway, Mom quickly assured me she was ok and then I was fine but ya never can be too careful when it comes to guarding your family and especially little sisters!  Mom was actually happy to see I had a protective instinct in me so I got extra treats that day...hehehe!

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Dexter said...

Oh man! That has totally happened to me. Like somebody will come over and then I go to sleep and meanwhile they have snuck into the guest room and I think they are a bogums monster intruder. I think that you did the right thing to protect your puppy.