Saturday, April 5, 2008

Birthday PAWty!!

*Gracie, Brix, and
*Brix and Nala taking
a quick breather
*Samson and Brix
having a tail-waggin'
good time!
*"Running with my buddy, Gracie...aren't we so in sync!"
*Hugs and Kisses
for Brix
*Rompin' with Ozzie

Nala celebrated her 2nd birthday today by having some of her closest canine companions get together for a play date. I think they all had a doggone good time running, chasing, sniffing, fetching, and eating treats. Brix (Czecholslovakian Wolfdog), Gracie (Boxer), Ozzie (Golden Retriever), and Samson (Irish Setter) all made Nala's day pawsitively delightful. She missed her friend Sierra though who could not be with us because of a run in with a fence. :( Hope you feel better soon Sierra!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Nala,
looks like she had a great week of celebrating.
Love ya,
alison, ed, dakota, and sarah