Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Weekend Update!

This weekend was a flurry of activity for Nala! She went on a little trip to Lake Crescent Lodge in Olympic National Park to check out the location of her parent's (Justin & Amber) wedding. The first stop was Uncle Joel's house where Nala was quite surprised and delighted by the special treats from Three Dog Bakery in Seattle that Uncle Joel got for her. She got mini pizzas, ribs, and a pretzel with doggy safe carob on it. Yum-Yum! What a GREAT uncle! After spending the night at Uncle Joel's place she was in for another few hours in the car as we headed to Olympic National Park. Uncle Joel biked the 17 miles up to the top of Hurricane Ridge (elevation just over 6,ooo feet) so we drove up to support him and cheer him on. Once at the top, it was quite windy but Nala enjoyed feeling the wind in her fur, and the view was absolutely amazing! Then it was off to Lake Crescent for the night where there were all kinds of creatures that Nala found quite interesting. (ducks, ravens, river otters, and lots of deer) Nala enjoyed the lake (from the shore...she is not a swimmer at all) and she even got to go on a short hike around the lake and through the mossy forest. We are all excited to go back and visit again!


Uncle Joel said...

And I'll add that the support from both humans and canine was much appreciated. Nala is wonderful and she always appears so happy to see me. What more could one hope for from another, human or canine? Beautiful sunset photo.

KELLY said...

Nala, You have been a VERY busy gal lately. We LOVE your site!!!

Abby said...

Thank you so much for the nice comments on my are so sweet. It was really fun to hang out with you last night!