Monday, May 12, 2008

Humans & Doggies & Ticks...OH MY!!!

"Yesterday was the perfect day for a was warm, windy, and wonderful! Well, the humans didn't like the wind so we went hiking in the canyon to help protect the little wimps! ;) Julie & Ozzie, Colleen & Sierra, and me & Mom enjoyed all the new green growth and the beautiful views. Me and "my dogs" ran through the lush, green grass, (eating a little here and there), scaled rock cliffs, splashed in the creek, and of course posed for some pictures. There were lots of people out on the trail all enjoying the day like we were. Oh, did I mention that to get to the trail I had to walk over a swinging bridge thingy...well, it was my first time over one of those things so it was a little scary! It was Ozzie's first time too, but Sierra had been over before. Since Sierra was the experienced one she went first and we followed. My Mom wasn't very confident in me making it across but boy did I prove her wrong. Ozzie and I both walked across like old pros! Mom was very proud of me!! :) Well, back to the I said it was great and we only lost the trail big deal! We like to's more adventurous! :) After being out for an hour or so, we decided to head back when we met a black dog and his human. Well, the black dog had a tick on it! This was our first indication that there could be a problem. Then, Mom found one of those little bloodsuckers trying to sink it's teeth or whatever they use into my backside and she fearlessly ripped it off and disposed of it. Later, she went to put on her sweatshirt that she previously had tied on her waist and to her surprise there was one of the little demons crawling on her sweatshirt! When we finally arrived back at the friends and I got checked by our Moms before we could get in. We found a few more and got rid of them! Gross, huh! Well, we thought the coast was clear (it was for me) but it wasn't. As Mom was pulling into our driveway she found one in her about freaking out. She quickly put the car in park, got out, and proceeded to smash the little sucker with a teeny tiny pebble. Then, she made me get out of the car and go into the garage where she called dad to check me while she went to clean up! While she was doing that she found one more in her hair. So far, no more have been found but she now is constantly checking her head for those nasty little parasites. So, to all of my dogs out warned, it may be shaping up to be a bad tick season so have your humans check you frequently! YUCK! Other than the ticks, it was a GREAT hike!!!"

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