Thursday, September 25, 2008

This Will Knock your Socks Off!

Check out these dog socks...they are so doggone cool I can't stop waggin' my tail! My Mom has the Rhodesian Ridgeback ones but you can get just about any breed you desire. :) My Nanny got them for my Mom a while back, and I think she got them from a vendor at Pike Place Market in Seattle or maybe it was at a craft show...I'm not sure. Anyway, Mom and I did some sniffin' around and found have these cool socks that you can order online. So, go your love and pride for your favorite dog by wearing some barkariffic socks! I promise people won't laugh at least not too many! ;) Who cares if they least your feet will be nice and toasty and every time you look at your socks you will be reminded of your best friend! :)

I give them four paws up!


Abz-Chelsea said...

That site is brilliant..ahhhh Im trying to pay off a pup so I cant shop, but its bookmarked...

i just kept saying Mmmm I want that, and that, and one of those, and that, and two of it

Abby said...

Those are great! Missed you last night!

Simba said...

BOL! So cute!!