Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cookies, Snowy Day Fun, & My Brother!

First, this is a long post so sorry but Mom and I just wanted to catch up on some stuff! Above is from just before Christmas when my pal, Hank, and his human Mom, Christina, came over for dinner. I had just got my present from Bodhi and Mom used the new cookie cutters to make some Gingerbread cookies for me and for my FURiends! I would have sent all of my blog pals some but they probably wouldn't have been too tasty by the time they reached you. ;) They were quite yummy....Hank and I did a few taste tests to make sure they were edible before packaging them for my FURiends. ;) Also, Hank's Mom always makes yummy homemade treats and they brought me a bag of cookies too....bacon balls, peanut butter balls, and even some doggie biscotti!! YUM!

We have had alot of snow here and me and my pals have had a blast playing in it! Check out the middle picture above of my friend Sierra....she is sticking her nose under Mom's coat but not to get warm....she is asking for the yummy treats Mom has stashed in her pocket! BOL! I do this to my Mom too. :)

One snowy day, we even saw two donkeys and a horse! Do you see the gray horse stickin' its tongue out at me as I'm running rude! ;) Sierra and Hank let them know that was not nice though! BOL!

Here are the boys playing in the water! Even though it's freezing cold...Ozzie still gets in! I guess he has more fur than me but still! BRRRR!

"Ok boys, come back over here on dry land and play now! That ice and water is dangerous!"

"Uh they come and they are feeling rowdy!"

Ozzie and Hank LOVE to play rough....they bite each other's face and neck but they never get hurt! It's just how they play! It is quite fun to watch!

"Oh no, the vampires have come to get me!"

"I'm so gonna get you Hank!"

"You too Ozzie, get back here!"

Finally, I want to tell you that my brother, Bodhi, has his own blog now! Well, technically, he shares it with his Beagle brother, Sampson, but that's cool! He and Sampson are quite a pair! If you get a chance you should go check it out and tell me if you think we look alike!? Just click on Bodhi or Sampson and you will be transported to their PAWESOME blog!


Saint Lover said...

You have the coolest photo collages! Do you print them out for a scrapbook?

Happy New Year!

Allison (Dog Mom) said...

Awesome, Nala! How great that you have had snow! It has only been rainy here, so we get all muddy and mommee gets frustrated when we come inside with our footprints. Plus, Waldo has no fur, so it is hard for him to stay outside in the cold.

Oh--mommee wanted us to tell you to fix Bodhi's link. You have two sets of http's, whatever that means.

Thanks for the heads-up about his blog--we'll go and say hi!

Gus and Waldo

Simba said...

OH! I want to come visit and romp with you all in that park!! What fun!

I'll go check out Bodhi's blog!



Dughallmor Beagles said...

Wrooo, Nala! You have some lovely friends and look like you all had such fun! We still have freezing fog here :o( it's pretty when the sun's out though! We're off to check Samson out now, thanks for the link!
Slobbers xx

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Ooh, Sampson & Bodhi's links don't put the http:// bit in twice! We'll still find it though, just thought we'd let you know!

Pri said...

Hello!!! How nice your dogs!!! how I miss snow!!! my seven babies never saw, but one day maybe!!! I'm a teacher too hope we'll be pals!!!happy holidays!!!

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Yum cookies! Those look delish. Mom has been making cookies for us while she's off work too. We even got one of our recipes published in City Dog magazine. (Does that magazine get distributed out your way?)

Steve and Kat

Gennasus said...

Looks like you're having great fun in the snow! We've got it white here but it's freezing fog instead of snow.....pretty but very cold, brrrrr!

Anonymous said...

Nala they said more snow is coming this way! Maybe it was the snow you had! All our snow melted from before, can you believe it!? You look so pretty running in the snow, I look like a rabbit cause I am little and I have to hop! BOL I will have to add Bodhi and Sampson to my friends!


Mindy Lu said...

PAW!!! Dudette... what is all that white stuff? PAW! Max the Dude