Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Are You My Sister??

I thought maybe Mom had brought me home a new sister especially since you all have been asking but it turns out it was just the neighbor dog, Lola! She was out loose running around the neighborhood like usual so Mom befriended her and let me say hello. She really liked to jump up and kiss my mouth so I had to growl and tell her to simmer down a couple of times. We got a few fun runs in on the front lawn though before Mom took her back to her house.

Now, down to the business of a sister!! I think that I would REALLY like one although it would probably take me a little while to get used to. Mom says if I ever get a sister then she will look just like me so I will know she is my sister. :) Mom thinks it's a fabulous idea but Dad is not sold yet...hmmm! I do understand his point though....he thinks I like being an only dog which does have it's benefits. However, if I had a sister we could play together and curl up and keep each other warm. For now, I will just have to dream.


Lois Lane/Laney said...

Awe. I think you should get a little sister too!

On our walk today, I almost thought we'd be bringing a stray home with us. A little, male, wiener dog was wandering around in a yard without any tags, and mom got nervous. But she went to the closest house, and found his owners! He had somehow snuck out of the house, and had his parents freaked out!
He was pretty cute tho, and I wanted to play with him.

The OP Pack said...

Woo definitely need a sister or a brother - two isn't a lot more work for the humans and woo will be happy with a playmate - but we think it needs to be a clone of Gracie!

Tail wags, the OP Pack

Sam and Bodhi said...

You don't really want a sister do you???? I recommend a brother that doesn't live with you :)!! Besides we ridgebacks love our attention!! You will have alot of jealousy to deal with trust me!!!!!!! Miss ya sis!!

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

I understand the do woo don't woo khwestion!

I'm khool with being an only pup BUT I do enjoy spending time with my 'sisters' (Mom's Sibes from another lifetime)!

Good lukhk!


Life With Dogs said...

Seems like that was disaster averted. But a sister would be bliss.

Esther & Sheba said...

I'm not so sure Sheba would want a sister right now, but she sure wants as many playmates as she can have!
Here in West Africa, we are hoping for another "brother" haha who may eventually become something... more! But taking a precious RR to these quarters of the world is not an easy thing, so for the time being, Sheba plays with all her Azawakh friends without flirting too much! Luckily for her, Azawakhs are incredibly playful, although they don't care to wrestle like she does...

Warm greetings from West Africa,

Gennasus said...

We've had a heap of dogs for so long now that to have just one would seem very strange!
Of course there are advantages to being an only don't have to queue for the cheese for one thing.

Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Nala
I love having a sister. I'm never alone anymore. That is really nice and I get attention from mom and my sister now,
Love Ruby

Anonymous said...

Hi Nala!!

I think you should show your daddy our bloggie and show him how much us doggies loves a sister or brother!! I was an only doggie for a year, and my daddy thought I would not like sharing the hooman love, but within a day of Sophie Sis arriving we was cuddling on the sofa and sharing toys! My mummy and daddy see me and Sophie (and Hazel now) all cuddled up on the sofa together and they says "gosh they be so happy together!".
Now mummy said I must tell you something to tell your mummy (but you don't have to...shhh!) She say the downside of multiple doggies is the cost, it cost loads to put us with our favourite pet sitter, cos there be so many of us our grandpawrents won't have us all, they say we be "too much" :(. And of course we eats a lot more and we costs more money on treaties and vets, but mummy say it be worth it!! Daddy say we be expensive! BOL ;)
I think the pro's waaay ourweigh the cons, don't you? Specially as you don't pays for the cons!! BOL ;)
Love Scotty and Mummy! :) xxx

Anonymous said...

i recommend a brother too cuz pack issues will be easier than with 2 female ridgies

but even if you stay an only dog you do have the benefits of lots of playmates your mum and dad have for you which is pretty cool

The Army of Four said...

What a cute little pup pup!
We LOVE having brothers and sisters - but then we're pack-type pups. Your mom and dad know what would make you happiest!

Honey the Great Dane said...

Hey Nala - I'm like you too! I hate it when puppies jump up at me constantly and try to lick my mouth - I always give them a little growl, which makes Hsin-Yi really annoyed because she doesn't like me growling. But I have to teach the young whipper-snapper some manners!!

My humans are the opposite - Paul wants to get me a sister but Hsin-Yi is not so keen. She likes me being an only dog...I'm not sure I would like another doggie sister but I would sure like another kitty sister! I so miss poor Lemon...I hope my humans will get another kitten soon.

Honey the Great Dane

Room to Grow said...

Rita refers to Thani and Yoshi (our cat) as her brother and sister. (She does this because she used to ask why she doesn't have a brother or sister, and I told her that Thani and Yoshi are her siblings! She'll then say 'no, a real brother or sister.')

I'm sure this will lead to some sort of psychotherapy needs in the future.

My husband is happy with one dog and one cat and one child. I'm going to be working on him though on two of those fronts (dog and child).

Maggie and Mitch said...

Don't do it, Nala! You will never get an peace and quiet!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Ryder and Indy Posner said...

Our parents are so glad that there are two of us. We keep each other entertained and wear each other out if there are times when mom and dad can't give us their full attention. Plus when we double team someone to give double licks and kisses it's a fun time. Go for it! Ridgebacks are pack dogs anyhow! We love to run together!

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Lola's a cutie! Awww Nala, do bug your Dad for a sister, they're the best, you'd have so much fun doing hot laps together :D and you'd make a great big sister, you are so wise (esp considering you're a Hound an'all!) Keep us posted on your progress with the nagging ;o)
Slobbers xx

Gennasus said...

Thanks for coming over to see the hens. I've replied to your comment over there, just in case you weren't looking back in. (I'm never sure where the best place is for a reply, you can end up with half conversations on both blogs......just like this!)

claire said...

i vote yes for a new rr sister!!! when i started really wanting our second rr (kinley), i had some serious convincing to do. email me if you want any feedback on ups/downs of two dogs - talking to other people i think is a lot of what finally helped convince my other half.

Clover said...

Hi Nala,
Guess what, I want a sister too!! It would be so fun to have someone to snuggle with and play with all the time. My mom is trying to convince my dad too. I hope we are both successful!
Love Clover xo

Mango said...

Overall, I like having a little brother, but siblings do take some getting used to. Momma says they have always tried to have two doggies because doggies like to have pals. I was kind of lonely when I was an only dog after my Beautiful Raja crossed over the bridge.

That said, I don't know about two gals. I know how bossy you can be.


Minnie-Moo (Rescue Lab) said...

I LOVE having doggie siblings, Muzzle says she wouldn't want to go back to one dog as it's so nice for us to have each other for company.

It is more expensive, no denying that, but Muzzle and Dad love us so much.

What about looking at adopting a dog from rescue? There are always lots looking for a lovely new home and not everyone is as lucky as I have been in finding a great home.



Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

If I were you, I'd ask for a brother. They are easy to boss around and silly enough to keep you entertained. I prefer to be top dog in the house and Steve is okay with that. It works for us.

Girls are smarter though, so think of the good plans you could come up with if you had a sister.

Brother or sister??? It's a hard decision.