Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How To Get Chicken From The Dinner Table

First, you whine a little and then rest your head on the lap of the person you feel will most likely give you the chicken. It gets them every time and then you stare at the chicken....DO NOT look away, it shows weakness. This takes COMPLETE concentration.

Then you slowly do the giraffe neck move. To do this you cautiously lift your nose and stretch your neck upwards toward the chicken as if you are just smelling it. ;) Get as close as you can and then....

snap it up with your ferocious jaws before the human knows what has happened. BOL!!! Happy dinner table chicken hunting.


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Well done!

Of khourse, I do wonder if it tastes like that OTHER white meat?

PeeEssWoo: I bet he falls prey to your takhtikhs again!

Sheba said...

I do the same thing, but over my end of the world, you really can't seem too pushy about it. Mom will just look back and smile, which is very confusing. I've found out it works better to go to my own bed and pretend as if I don't care. Within a minute, something will be slipped to me! Ah, human food is so much better than the food I share with Dennis. Doesn't matter that the ingredients are pretty much the same!

pointerpandemonium said...

Hi Nala! You are skilled in the art of thievery!! We try to pinch it straight from the plates! BOL ;) A few times we have swooped big stuffs, I once gotted daddy's steak all in my mouth! YUM! We not be allowed in when they eat so much now!

We should have doned it your way!! xxx Scott xxx

Mango said...

I have some similar moves. I find they work best on the man peoples. Those women peoples can be like rocks even when confronted with super cuteness.


Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Nala
Good job. How does one chicken hunt when thier legs are only 3 inches hig? We need to know, we love chicken.
Love Ruby & Penny

daisydog said...

Wow. I never tried that before. I must work on my giraffe neck!

The Army of Four said...

Wowzers! What a great tutorial! Thanks for the tips; I'm going to have to try it out!
Play bows,

Mindy Lu said...

BARK! Nala, you have to add the PAW IN THE LAP move, it gets to em too. BARK! Sasha the Princess

Sparky said...


This is fantastic! Thank you so much for the information on how to get the chicken from the dinner table. I will try it tonight at supper time.

I hope you're having a grrrrEAT day my friend,


Maggie and Mitch said...

Thanks for the tips, Nala! We'll be trying them out soon!
We LOVE chicken!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Gennasus said...

An expert at work!

Clover said...

Hi Nala!
Those are great tips! I will have to climb onto a chair and try it myself.
I was on vacation since last Saturday, but I am home now and I will post about it tomorrow!
Love Clover xo

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Hehe Nala, you are so clever...thankyou for sharing your secrets, BOL!
Anyhowl.....we'll come by tomorrow and catch up properly, we just wanted to let you know that your parcel went out today (finally the human gets her lazy backside in gear!) Let us know when it arrives :o)
Slobbers xx

Abby said...

Oh my Nala! You are as bad as the girls!

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

I will apply these tips to my mom. She is the one most likely to cave.


Rachel said...

This made me laugh out loud! I am very familiar with the giraffe neck. So true!

Claire said...

haha, too cute!

my girls have learned to wait until i say ok before they take anything from my hand, but while they're waiting they look just like nala in that first photo - totally focused on the treat. a bomb could go off right behind them and i doubt they'd notice, they're so tuned in.

Simona,Paco e Milo said...

Well done!!!!
your face is soooooooooooo cute...how can someone resist on your charme?????
we made like you...we showed our best face...our sweet eyes...our tender smiling...so mom and dad can't tell us no for not at all!!!!YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
we 3 are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and the best table chicken hunting!!!!!
We miss you!!!!
lots of love and kisses for you and your wonderful family!!!!

The OP Pack said...

Mango is so right - Dad is a real pushover but not Mom - she never shares from the table. All we do here is gently rest our furry heads on his lap and before woo can say please, he gives us a taste. Mom says it is just because he doesn't want us to drool on his pants, but we just go back for more, so she's wrong.

Woos, the OP Pack