Friday, January 29, 2010

Enough Torture For One Day!

What a day it has been!!  First, Mom gets home early, so here I am thinking life is good!  She decides to take me for a walk, and now I am thinking life is even better as she snaps my collar on and gets my leash and fills her pocket with treats.  Then it happens.  To my horror, she pulls out the scarf that my Aunt Etsuko made me.  Granted, it's pretty and all, but as you know I am not a fan of clothes and such things.  She then proceeds to put it on my neck and make me walk a mile and a half wearing it.  I even passed two Labs...I am sure they were laughing at me, but I didn't have time to explain that my Mom forced me to wear it against my will.

Oh, it gets worse....when we got home I settled in for a nice nap and then I heard it...the dreaded Dremel.  It sounded like a horrific beast about to gobble me up.  I was wondering what in the world had overcome my Mom seeing as how she NEVER trims my nails.  I immediately run like my life is on the line and make a beeline to hide under the computer desk.  With giant, earth shattering steps, Mom approaches and corners me.  I begin to shake all over...she gives me treats but it doesn't help.  Finally, she gives up on the scary sounding machine and brings in the clippers.  This time she was able to do some damage but I did not make it easy on her. She says she has more in store for me later but she didn't want to totally traumatize me in one sitting.  Too late Mom, damage done!  She kept spouting something off about how it would feel better with shorter nails...blah, blah, blah! I need to start planning my escape route now for next awful!
At least I got to go play with my pal Ozzie after the torture subsided.  That was the best part of my day!  He even had his Mom's little human grandkids with him.  They are quite fun and exciting too.

And my final note on torture for today...this is Darwin's brother. Darwin is a blog pal of mine and his Mom found his brother on horrible!  The humans who have him decided he was too big for their home...sheesh, how rude.  Why didn't they think of that before...I will NEVER understand certain humans.  So, if anyone in the Pacific Northwest wants to give a beautiful Dane boy a home then check out his ad and call.

Have a super weekend!



Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

If woo khan get to PA, I khan give woo asylum...

No Dremels here!

I'm glad woo at least had SOME fun!

As fur 'humans' we khan't begin to even 'think' like them -


brooke said...

thanks amber and nala for sharing info about darwin's brother! we're hoping things will work out for him!

love your scarf nala... it's quite fashionable!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Craigslist?! He's not an old shirt or a set of steak knives!

The OP Pack said...

We hate it too when we have to wear any kind of clothes but we do think you look quite stylish in your pretty scarf. Sorry about the dremel, we don't have to endure that. It seems that we wear our nails down pretty well on our walks and only have to have them clipped by the vet once or twice a year.

We hope Darwin's brother finds a good home that will also be a forever one.

Woos, Phantom and Thunder

The Army of Four said...

I just LOVE your pretty blue LEASH, though! Our grandma knitted Mom a scarf and she wanted me to put it on but I wouldn't and so Davy did it. Maybe you need a brother who is into modeling? Maybe that would help!?? And oooooh, I've heard horror stories about Dremels! Our mom uses clippers and they're just so scary too!!! I usually hide under the dining room table or on the stair landing. You might want to try those places next time you hear the buzzing!
PS: That's sad about the puppy! I hope he finds a home VERY soon!!!

JD and Max said...

Hi Nala - we had to sit our humans down and have really STERN words with them about not keeping our blog up to date - they still had your old blog address on our blog roll. Thankfully they have now rectified this oversight so we can now keep up to date on one of our favourite girls!

Hey - what a traumatic day you had - *shudder!* Having to pass other doggies whilst wearing - gasp! - clothes and then having your nails trimmed. You're probably going to need therapy for years! We hope the trauma dies down soon (he he he!)

And yes, we completely agree with you about some doggie owners. We're members of the family - you shouldn't turf out a member of the family just because they no longer match the furniture, or some other stoopid excuse along those lines. Oohh, we get so mad! Sheesh - a great dane being a big dog, you'd have thought that would be a no-brainer! We hope Darwin's brother finds a great and REAL forever home soon!

Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Anonymous said...

Oh Nala!! First Boots, and then a coat, and now this... I shouldn't talk cause it might give Mommy the wrong idea... Next thing you know she will be making me wear...

Never Mind, lets not think of that!!

Sorry about the Dremmel I don't really like mine too much but I just try to lick it... It used to give out treats when I first got it! I thought it was a new treat toy. Although I over heard Mommy telling Dad that we are going the the VET tomorrow and asking them to CLIP them!! WTF?? *Sigh, Maybe we can hit the road together, meet ya in the middle??


achieve1dream said...

Some people are so stupid! (about the craigslist)

Sorry you got tortured! I hope it wasn't because I mentioned trimming nails on my blog . . .

Storm :)

Paco,Milo, Maya and mommy Simona said...

Hi dear dear dear friends!!!!
We're soooooooooooooo sorry haven't been around for soooooooo long time!!!!
Can you forgive us???
But we didn't receive your blog update on our list and we thought you hadn't wrote posts during this time!!!!!
We and mommy love love love your blog....she's fall in love with your mommy's photos....mommy got her new reflex for Christmas and now she's learning how to use it....and try to make photos like the ones of your mommy!!!!
Can your mommy advice some link where our mommy could learn something about take great photos???

About you...we're soooooo sorry you got tortured!!!!!!
poor poor girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
even if we have to say you look very very very very cool and beautiful!!!!!!

We're sooooo sorry for darwin's bros....humans are sooooooo bad and stupid sometimes....
We're praying for him and we hope he could find his furever home very very soon!!!!

Mommy wants to tell to your mommy she's very very very sad to know your humans couldn't come in Italy this year!!!
She would have loved to know them having them as a special guest!!!!
Sigh sigh sigh...
But we're here for you furever dear friends and we hope to have you in Italy with us very very soon!!!!
HAve a great weekend!!!

Sweet kisses and licks

Sagira said...

Your scarf sure is pretty on you.

Guess what...we voted for you! :)

Life With Dogs said...

I have wanted a Dane for as long as I can remember, and I truly wish I could be the one. Amazing dogs...

beaudor said...

Nala I think you look great with our without cloths,yes I'm a noughty boy.
And some of the humans has to take an exam before getting a Dog...
We are very lucky with our humans,my Marja will never leave me alone she loves me to bits.
This week she was very sad,because it was the birthday of Max who passed over the Rainbowbridge 2 years ago.
And now I'm going to play in the snow,why won't you come along.

The Thundering Herd said...

Such torture. We think our nails are just fine and the humans should leave them alone.

By the way, since I just stumbled on your blog, we read back about the paw challenge. You may try a produce called Musher's Secret. Granted, our paws are designed for snow and ice, but that product does toughen paw pads for all sorts of challenges we run into.

SGR said...

Woof! Woof! Hi There ... You are stylin... Just checking in. Saw your entry on Mango's contest. Looking forward to your visit to my blog. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

BRUTUS said...

Hey Nala -
I can definitely commiserate on many of the woes in your post. Mom is obsessed with keeping my nails short (agility and all), so the clippers and dremmel come out almost every week! At least my nails are white, so it's easier for her to see/avoid the ouchie part! Doesn't keep me from struggling, though...
As far as the clothes, I get that too. Besides the booties you've seen (I do like those actually) I end up wearing a variety of hoodies and shirts due to my naked & low-to-the-ground belly! I've just learned to go with the flow on that stuff, at least it means I'm going out in some way!!

Brutus the Frenchie

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh my God, Nala - I have heard of the dreaded Dremmel torture me shivers just to think about it! Thank goodness it wasn't readily available in NZ so my humans have always just done my nails with regular clippers (Not that I like that either!)

Oh, that is just terrible about Darwin's brother!! My human gets SO grumpy when she hears stuff like that - for God's sake, don't people do their stupid research when they're getting GIANT breed?! But won't his breeder take him back? Our breeder always has a clause in their contract asking for any puppy back in that kind of situation, so they can be sure of finding it a good sad...and he looks so trusting in the picture...

Honey the Great Dane