Thursday, March 25, 2010

Well, Hello There!

Wow, it seems like an eternity since I blogged last, but things have been kind of busy around here.  I've been helping Mom garden, going on walks with friends, and visiting my Nanny and Grampi.  Speaking of my Nanny and Grampi, they are coming to MY house tonight for the West Virginia University vs. the University of Washington basketball game.  They figured they better "keep the peace" between Mom and Dad since Mom is from West Virginia and will be cheering for WVU and Dad is from Washington and graduated from UW and will be cheering for them.  Mom has already started decorating the's full of blue and gold and purple and gold.  I will be wearing my Husky collar but Mom has another surprise for Dad...but I can't tell you yet what else I will be wearing in case Dad checks the blog....BOL!  Anyway, the pic above is a care package my pawrents sent to my Mom's Dad in West Virginia...some Northwest treats to enjoy during the game...hehehe!  Now, on to more dog related business.

This is KO...he is a foster pup my Mom's friend and my doggie friend are taking care of until he finds a good home.  We think the K.O. stands for knockout since he has two dark circles around his eyes. :)  Anyway, I got to go for a walk with them the other day and it was fun!

KO was so sweet, but couldn't quite keep up with us "big dogs" so I stayed behind with him.  I didn't mind, I generally like to take my sweet time and stop to sniff things anyway.  I had to stop a few times to make sure he was coming though and wait for the little guy to catch up.

I also spent some time playing with my pal Hank, who is helping to take care of KO.  He is a good boy for letting those foster pups come into his castle...I think I would be a bit jealous. :)

We all sat for some treats, well, KO is still learning.

He'll get it eventually...look, he's already almost there.


Anonymous said...

KO is one of the most adorablest puppies I have ever seen in my whole entire life! I bets he will get a real good home in no time at all. It was very nice of you, Nala, to hang out with him since he has short legs and all. And your pal Hank is Most Handsome! But then, I have a thing for the brindleys.

Wiggles & Wags,

brooke said...

KO is such a cutie!!! I couldn't tell how small he was til that picture where he's standing next to you. He's tiny!
Have fun watching the game tonight! Help your grampi and nanny keep the peace between mom and dad!! :)

kissa-bull said...

that last picture ish just perfect wiff all you cutie patooties in it
its full of preciousnesss
pibble sugars and wee wags
the pittie pack

Twinkietinydog said...

KO is so adorable! The last photo is incredibly cute and pretty. It should be blown up :) Glad to hear you're well, Nala!

The OP Pack said...

Great fun for you with Hank and KO - KO is a cutie. May the best team win - we are bummed because our KS Jayhawks blew it bigtime.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

elbouwii said...

cutie pie

Sanne wans 5 of that puppie

El'bow & Hauwii

Sagira said...

Oh my that pup sure is cute. I hope KO finds a great new home!

Honey the Great Dane said...

Hi Nala - you know, everytime I come to visit your blog, I always think that you are so lucky to live with such a wonderful, warm, caring, happy family - lots of human families aren't like that at all!

And yes - we got a sneak peak of KO on your human's photography blog! He is a real cutie! Personally, I would have called him "Panda"! :-)

Love the pictures of you guys all enjoying the walk together. My humans have thought about fostering - I am usually pretty good and sociable with other dogs and I have been quite good in the past when strange dogs have sometimes come to my home...but now we are no longer living in our own home, fostering is out of the question...!

Honey the Great Dane

Remi said...

What a CUTE puppy!!!! I agree with Honey. He does look like a panda!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I saw the khutie on your mom's blog - what a sweetheart!

Good lukhk tonight -

I'll be wearing my Husky outfit!


Ms. ~K said...

KO is toooooo cute!!!!
Hugs and belly rubs to all,

Mango said...

What a nice guy to let the foster pups crash at his estate. I fear that I would be too jelly for that too.


Beaudor said...

My Mom is Ko by Ko lucky it's far away she can't get him.
She must understand I'm still a puppy sometimes when I have bananas in my ears.
Sometimes that's easy when you want to play some more you know.
Good luck with the games that the best men win.

BRUTUS said...

Awww... K.O. is itty bitty! No wonder he couldb't keep up with you long-legged beasts!! What a cutie - looks like a JR terrier?? With a face like that, he'll have no trouble finding a great home to give him love furever!!

Brutus the Frenchie

Maggie and Mitch said...

KO is just too cute! We don't think it'll be long until he finds a loving forever home!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

JD and Max said...

Awww, KO is so cute, we hope he gets himself a great furever home soon! Looking that cute it probably won't take him long!

You sure were a sweet girl to keep an eye on the little fella. And what a great doggie Hank is - we do look up to stable, confident hounds like him.

Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, that puppy is too cute!!