Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Ups & Downs of Having a Tiny Human

Well hello there, I understand if you have forgotten about me as I have been away for far too long!  I have finally talked Mom into helping me write a post for the blog though, and hopefully we can continue this trend. ;)  Anyway, I hope that you all are BARKariffic. 

I thought I'd share some of the ups & downs over the course of the past year related to sharing a home with a tiny human (in real terms, having your home taken over by a crying, pooping, spitting, grabby, and of course, cute, little devil and having your existence as you knew it completely upturned).

DOWN: When they first arrive, it is quite scary!  They are laying there quiet and still and then suddenly they move or cry, and it really catches you off guard, so be prepared for this.  I always managed to get away quickly at this stage without skin to fur contact...shooo!

UP:  You get used to their presence after a few weeks and it is actually sorta relaxing lying beside of them and listening to them breathe...out of arm's reach, of course!

DOWN:  Your Mom will dress you in silly themed costumes, etc... and make you pose for pictures for various holidays!

UP:  You can release tension by tearing into presents early and then making a fast get away!  hehehe! BOL!

 UP: They start to notice what a good looking specimen you are, admiring you, and even wearing shirts with your likeness!

DOWN:  They gain control over their arms and get grabby!  Watch out because the paws are at the top of their grab list!

 UP:  They start to eat solid food and there are always crumbs being thrown on the floor if you are in position and ready to pounce.  Sometimes they even give you the food straight from their hands!

 DOWN:  When your human gets upset because you are constantly licking the high chair tray, they send you outside and then the little devil child taunts you from inside the door.

UP:  They have snacks on the floor and crush their crackers into tiny get clean-up detail and trust me, it's worth it!

UP:  They even share their snack with you sometimes before they crush it!

 UP:  They like to play in "dens" and they make a mess by throwing things all around the room which makes you look neat and tidy in comparison.

DOWN:  The minute you try to get some shut eye or soak up some sun, they decide it's time to play or pet you.

 UP:  They are very kissable and there's usually some residual food around their mouths to be licked. ;)

DOWN:  They sometimes get upset and make very whiny, squealing sounds when you do this!

UP:   They look up to you even if it's because they currently have to.

UP:  They will be your best friend forever and plus, they really are pretty cute.

 DOWN:  The amount of sleep you get will take a huge hit and you will constantly be trying to catch some z's. 

For all those doggies out there who are new brothers or sisters to little humans, remember that there will be many ups and downs along the way but they are worth it when you gain such a precious new friend and pack member for life!

Please excuse me while I try to get some beauty rest now. 


Sagira said...

Looks like you have had a great year with the little one. You are a great best friend. :)

Mitch and Molly said...

What beautiful pictures of you and your best friend, Nala!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

C.l.o.v.e.r. said...

Hi Nala! These are some great pictures of you and your adorable sister! And this post has come at the best time. We are supposed to get our own baby human - due a week from today! We will keep these tips in mind.

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

We don't have our own tiny human, but we have a tiny human cousin. We haven't seen her since she was 2 months old, but she loves the stuffed husky we gave her and we are sure she will love us too. I hope she gives us her food like your sister!