Thursday, April 24, 2008

Friends Fur-ever!

On Tuesday, Nala got a BIG surprise! Her friend, Gracie, came over to play. As soon as they saw each other their tails began to wag, and they were so happy to be together. They ran circles around the table at a high rate of speed(only knocking over the chairs a couple of times, but hey that's what happens and at least they were having fun, right!? :), so I quickly let them outside to release some energy. They ran circles around the trees, played chase, played keep away and tug-of-war, shared drinks from the water bowl, pulled out all of the toys from the toy box, did tricks for treats, and finally took a nap and relaxed. What a day they had! Nala certainly slept good that night, and she can't wait for another play date with her pal, Gracie!
*Check out the video below of them running in circles. Every other lap Gracie takes a little shortcut to catch is so cute. :) It's only fair though because Nala's legs are alot longer than hers.


Uncle Joel said...

I like the Video. I'm glad Nala has such a good friend in Gracie.

Abby said...

OH that is sooo cute!! I love the pages you!! Thanks again...Gracie had a blast!