Saturday, April 26, 2008

The lie is revealed

Well, for those of you who played the two truths and a lie game.....thank you :) and the lie was #3. Although ridgebacks are countersurfers, Nala does not do this at home. (it's because we have trained her so well....haha! we just got blessed with a sweet puppy girl) She does like to stick her nose up on the counter to try and smell what's up there and she even does this little "kangaroo jump" where she jumps straight up on her back legs just to steal a peek but she has never put her paws on the countertop.
As for #1...yes, we don't think she can swim because of this and #2...I really did set her up because I was tired of her gross little habit....too bad though because it didn't phase her. :)

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