Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Brown Eyed Baby

Well, Nala and I visited the Hoefer household tonight and had a great time! Nala now wants to move in with them so she can help Gracie clean up any leftover food that her human sisters accidentally drop or leave unsupervised on their plates. :) She thinks it is so unfair that she doesn't have any human sisters who like to share their food. She and Gracie also enjoyed having Hailey (Gracie's oldest human sister) walk them around the house on the leash and feed them some treats! While the dogs were having fun (Thanks Scott for watching them! :), Abby showed me these wonderful websites that I have been checking out for...well, it doesn't matter how long... but don't worry Nala isn't being neglected as she was tuckered out from playing and went straight to her bed when we got home. Anyway, the sites are very neat and so I have been playing with some photos of Nala and trying to make her eyes pop and so far this is what I have. I need to tinker with the program some more but for now this is all I got. :) Thanks for the fun evening Hoefer family!


Uncle Joel said...

Nice photos. I especially like the top one.

nanny said...

Pretty upfront if the girl. Really enjoyed how she supervises. Just like a women. The patio is looking great. Should really be fun this summer. Happy mother's day to Nala's human MOM.

nanny said...

Had to rewrite my comment. Nala looks pretty upfront. Enjoyed the patio shots. Looks like it will be a great summer party patio. Like the way Nala supervises the boys. Just like a woman. Happy Mothers Day to Nala's human MOM.