Sunday, May 4, 2008

My Busy Day

WOOOOOOF! I'm doggone tired! I had a very busy day today. First, I had to supervise my Dad and Uncle Joel on their project. They are putting in a patio and I want to make sure they get done quick because the sooner they get done the sooner we bring out the BBQ..YUM-YUM! I can't wait. Then, Mom made a tomato trellis and I had to inspect it to make sure it would hold up lots of juicy tomatoes. When I was a puppy, I learned how to knock the tomatoes off the vine and I would eat them up with the juice squirting everywhere. AHHH....those were the days! Now Mom has a fence so I can't get into her garden unsupervised. Darn it! Well, after all of that hard work, I then went to train for the Canine Good Citizens Test with some of my doggie friends. I think I can pass, but it's a little hard. I still get a little excited when I meet new people and dogs and part of the test is showing the "canine good citizen judge" that I can stay calm in those situations....gees....what's wrong with showing people you are excited to meet them with a little crotch sniff. That's what dogs do, right?? When that was finished, my friend Gracie's Mom called and invited me out for a play date. I had an AWESOME time playing with Gracie plus I got to play with her human sisters. (their cheeks are quite tasty...I gave them lots of puppy kisses!) Thanks for inviting us to play Gracie's Mom!! Can't wait to see you soon. Now, I am so exhausted I think I will take a long nap. Good night.


Uncle Joel said...

Nala, I'll say you did a good job supervising us this weekend. You were very helpful and supportive. And I say you keep on greeting people with excitement. I'm working on being like you in that regard.

Abby said...

If I had to vote you would already have passed the good citizen award because you are my BFF. Looking forward to playing tomorrow night. My mean mom kept me inside most of the day...something about me eating dead cats and running all over the neighborhood.