Thursday, May 22, 2008

My first FUNgility class!!!

On Tuesday, I started FUNgility class, and I think that I am going to like it! We practiced following our humans "magic fingers" around, staying until called, going over a little step or jumping over it, and then we got to go through the big, blue tunnel! Mom told me that I did VERY, VERY GOOD, and we have even practiced a little at home this week. The best part about classes though is seeing all of my furry friends, and of course, eating tons of YUMMY treats! WOOF! WOOF!

Me waiting for Mom to call me over
the jump at FUNgility class!

Running from Smokey in the field at Auntie Lori's house before FUNgility. Mom says this should be my signature pose because I am always running and looking back to see if my friends are following me. What can I say, I love being chased!

Rompin' with Smokey

Running to see Mom! She always calls us to her so she can get some of these days I may steal her camera so she can't interrupt my play time anymore, but don't tell her my evil plan...SHHHH!!


Uncle Joel said...

Having some good times at FUNgility. They should have human FUNgility classes. Oh that's right they do, its called having a family.

Simba said...

oh you're gonna LOVE agility!!! I do it's soooo much fun!!



Smokey said...

Hi Nala; fungility classes sure are neat; im glad we are class mates; lots of fun playing before class starts.