Monday, May 19, 2008

Tricks are for kids and BBQ's are for dogs!!!

I love being outside on warm, sunny days!

I like to help Mom in the garden! While she pulls rhubarb I inspect the strawberry patch...too bad there are no strawberries just yet! Mom probably wouldn't let me eat them anyway!

Wait...what's that I smell??? Sorry Mom, I can't help you in the garden anymore.

I must go in for a closer look...yes, my nose was correct! Dad has food on the BBQ!!! Boy oh boy...I just know they are going to share with me!

YES, I knew they would share!!! However, I must not look too excited or lunge at the tasty morsel in front of me...must control my urges so Mom and Dad know I am worthy!

WOOF! Juicy, warm, mouthwatering MEAT!! NO...I must not look at it until they tell me to "take it" or else I may not be able to control myself!

Pretty please with sugar on top...just tell me the magic words already!!!

Finally, my patience and cuteness has paid off! YUM, I say!! There's nothing like warm meat fresh off the grill!

Need I say more?


diana said...

Good Job Nala! What a patient girl to wait for your juicy treat!

nanny said...

Nala you are such a good dog. What a wonderful patio you can lie on. And to have fresh meat right off a grill. You have very good human parents.

Anonymous said...

nice looking patio. I love what you did with the black, white and color photo's. Very cool.
your garden and back yard look awesome. Nala is such a lucky dog.

Simba said...

mmmmm..BBQ!!! you are onnnnnne lucky pup!!