Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rhodesian Ridgeback Art

Hey everyone, my Mom and I just discovered this GRRREAT Northwest artist (Karen McClelland) that paints pictures of dogs. In fact, she has quite a few pictures of Rhodesian Ridgebacks just like me. My Mom really wants to get a couple for our house so in the coming months she may be ordering some of Karen McClelland's prints or maybe she will just put them on her wish list and be really good this year for Santa....who knows, she could do anything. Don't worry, Karen also has pictures of other breeds too, but the Ridgeback ones are really something to bark about. ;) Just teasing...they are all great! You will find the Rhodesian Ridgeback ones under Hounds plus she has Sporting, Herding, Working, etc.....many more groups of dogs to choose from. To check out the beautiful artwork click here or if you go to the links on my page you will see NW Ridgeback on that and then under their links you will find an art section and you can find the amazing paintings there as well. Happy doggy painting shopping!


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