Sunday, June 1, 2008

Brix the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

I have definitely seen better parents have been very busy so as a result I have not enjoyed my usual weekend activities. Mom and Dad had this dinner club thing where they had a bunch of other humans over so of course I got banished to a separate room of the house...HOW RUDE! I guess they did give me a tasty bone to chew since I was banished but still...they were cooking Southern food (Southern U.S., that is) and I just had to smell the catfish and hushpuppies while chewing my bone. So unfair, especially with a name like hushpuppy...I mean, shouldn't I be in on that one.

Ok, enough about my sad weekend...this post is about my friend, Brix...who, by the way, I usually get to play with at least once on the weekends but not this one because of my parents busy schedule...RUFF! Ok, seriously, I am finished complaining. And now about BRIX...

Brix is a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, and he sure is handsome. In case you don't know what a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is...they are a cross between a German Shepherd and a Carpathian Wolf. The breed is relatively new as they were first created in 1955. (that is if I have my facts correct...I googled it but who knows if that stuff is accurate so if anyone knows better and would like to correct me then feel free) They didn't become recognized as a national breed until the year 1982, and so far there are not too many of them in the U.S. but I sure am glad Brix is here...he even has a sister in Louisiana, I think. (wonder if she ever gets to eat hushpuppies???)

Brix, like other Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs I'm sure, is very fast and graceful when he runs. In fact, it doesn't look like he expends any energy at all. I think he is getting faster too because lately he has been catching me and biting my butt...only gentle bites bites. I don't know....maybe it has something to do with me looking back to see of he is chasing me that is slowing me down?? He is also very friendly and he plays nice. He is tall and he has three different colors of fur...very beautiful!

Another thing about Brix is that he is an amazing jumper...that boy just jumps up on things for fun and things that are way too high for me to even think about attempting...I mean, I could do it but I just don't want to show him up...ya know. Ok, who am I kidding, he is a WAY better jumper than me. Well, he also likes to run up and then run down the slides at the parks we play at together. I always watch in admiration, but never attempt it myself. (I tried it once when I was a puppy before I knew what a slide was, and it was too slick for my claws to get any traction so I was sliding all over the place and I DIDN'T like it...I don't know how he does it??) Anyway, check out the video of Brix on the slide from last weekend...OH, and watch for me at the end congratulating him on a job well done with wet puppy kisses!

Hope you had a good weekend Brix...I miss you, and my parents better bring me to see you next weekend!!

**To see more of my fun times with Brix, click on the colored words/links above!

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