Monday, June 23, 2008

Coffee that will make ya BARK!!! Galileo Coffee, that is!

Ok, the computer was having problems so I'm just now getting to tell you about the BEST coffee I have ever had...Galileo Coffee! Above is the logo that I borrowed from their website...if you click on the logo it will take you to the site. The site currently just contains contact info but will soon be adding more stuff so come back every now and then to check it out! This place not only has deeelicious coffee but they are super dog friendly and they even have a local dog who hangs out sometimes and greets humans and other canine visitors! Is that BARKariffic or what! Just in case...their website is

Above is the real logo (which is very good) but I really think they should consider this one...what do you think??? Is that coffee art or what? ;) BOL!

Doesn't that look pawesome! That's me in front of the store...Mom tried to get a picture but they were so busy that I just couldn't sit still...too many people coming and going that I NEEDED to say hello to. ;) The human doing the coffee art is Lance...he is one of the owners and the roaster....the picture with me in it has the other owner, Cara, walking up the steps to take care of more customers!

There is the place where the magic happens and the owners even take the time to pose for pictures with canines...isn't that great! Don't mind my weird face in the picture with's not the best shot of me but hey, I can't be in model mode 24/7! Also, you will notice a picture of me taking a lick of coffee....hahahaha.....and Mom thought she could just get a cute little picture of me with the coffee and I wouldn't try to drink it! BOL! All I can say is this coffee is dog tested and approved!!!! And there is the local dog, Babe, who hangs out and greets people. She was very nice and she even kicked up her paws and wanted to play with me....apparently, that's rare according to Lance. She is normally not much into the play thing.

So, there you have to bark about. If you are ever in Britannia Beach, B.C. be sure to check it out!


Justin said...

I could use a cup of Galileo coffee now, its so good!

Uncle Joel said...

Not only is the coffee delicious the sandwiches are scrumptious too. I wish I could've of taken a bundle of pastries with me home, but the border crossing agents probably would've confiscated them.

Caroline said...

Well written article.

Anonymous said...

John or lance as everybody else knows him is the man when it comes to roasting the bean. It is too bad, for me anyways that he does it so far way.Big ups to Galileo keep up the good work!!!