Sunday, June 22, 2008

O Canada!

This week I got to go to Canada for the first time! My humans and I, along with my Uncle Joel, went to Whistler, B.C. and we had a pawesome time! It is a very dog-friendly place and I saw lots of other neat canines...I even got to play with a few of them.

Here I am at one of the many Canine Coves...they have lots of them just for us dogs! Although I am not much of a swimmer it was still nice to frolick with the other dogs and cool my legs in the water. I saw one dog there who would dive under the water and fetch rocks....I would NEVER do that...that dog was crazy!

I played with a Bouvier named Mykenna and a mini Golden Doodle. That little Golden Doodle had some fact he looked like a fox with his long strides and bushy tail. My favorite part was chasing him around and I even caught him once and sent him into a tumble as we collided...don't worry though, no one got was all in good fun! He got right back up without missing a beat and kept the game of chase going.

I even saw Mykenna the next day at a different Canine Cove and got to play with her some more!

This is me at Lost Lake with a dirty nose...I was inspecting and smelling everything and since it was wet my nose got a bit muddy. I washed it off in the lake later.

Mom & me at Lost Lake

Dad & me at Lost Lake

I even got to go into a COOL is named Whistler Happy Pets and boy did it make me happy. I sniffed all of the food and picked out a few toys. In the end though, I didn't get everything I wanted....just a new collar....BLAH, that's not exciting but I did get two bags of some very tasty treats! YUM!

Uncle Joel & me at a park in West Vancouver...we stopped for a break.

I had a barkin' good time in Whistler and can't wait to go back. Did I tell you that I even had some close encounters with some bears...that's right. Well, I didn't actually see them but Mom and Dad did but I won't tell you that, yea, I saw some really HUGE bears and they took one look at me and knew I was a fierce lion hunter and ran away. My Mom and Dad were very proud of my amazing protective skills and my fearlessness....that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

Tomorrow, I will tell you all about the BEST coffee shop in the world...that's right, the best in the world right in Britannia Beach. B.C., so stay tuned you don't want to miss it!


Simba said...

Sooooo PAWESOME!! YES, I've heard BC was a cool place to be for humans and dogs!!

I'm on the east coast..but if you are ever coming to Toronto..let me know! BOL! I'll give you the tour of cool dog parks!



Uncle Joel said...

I say, it was a pawtastic adventure fur all.

nanny said...

Glad all of you had a great time. Sounds like you had some pretty close encounters.

KELLY said...

Sounds like you had a great vacation. Hope to see you soon!
Call us if Nala is every up for a few more walking partners. The kids and I try to get out just about every day.