Sunday, July 20, 2008

Horsin' Around

I met lots of horses today! When I say lots, I mean like 30...they were all grazing in a field near the school where my friend Brix and I met for a play date. :) They were sooooo BIG and shiny!

At first, Brix and I weren't sure what to make of them so we just stared at them for awhile....we wanted them to know they better not try any funny business.

Mom approached so I decided to get a closer look too.

I didn't really want to hang around too long though like my Mom....she wouldn't stop staring at them. GEES....hasn't she seen a horse before???

Brix was not going to let those BIG, shiny horses intimidate him at all...he barked out some orders but they all just stared at him. He even tried to herd them...I think he would make a champion herder!

In the end, we developed a mutual respect and just gazed into one another's eyes. ;)

Mom lingered by the horses for awhile so me, Brix, Anna, and Ken cooled off in the shade. When Mom turned around this is what she saw...notice Brix has his paw on my back...Mom thought this was very cute. We were horsin' around....BOL!...get it.... and just ended up this way.


Abby said...

Great pictures! I love looking at horses too. They are so beautiful.

Simba said...

Neat! I've only smelled them if we drive by any farms! I think I would run up and bark at them..see if they wanted to play chase!