Thursday, July 10, 2008

How to Take Canine Photographs..or not

As many of you can tell, my Mom goes a little overboard with the picture taking. (especially with pictures of me) I wanted to share with you her strategy for getting my picture...she thinks I don't know about it but I DO!

First, she leads me into an area that she thinks will make for a nice photo. Normally, she gets a high-pitched voice and calls me over, sometimes running and playing with me to get me into the area. Once there, of course I have to investigate and smell all of the interesting new smells!

She snaps a few pictures from her location...enjoying every minute of it! Little does she know, my Uncle Joel is taking pictures of her taking pictures...BOL! Then, once she is ready she calls me over to her again using her high-pitched voice. ;) Then, I am off like a bolt of lightning, and I head straight for her! She only has a brief moment to get a few good pictures before this.....

She scrambles to get out of the way so I don't flatten her like a pancake...umm, pancakes would be tasty right now...oh wait, back to the story. Look at her face...isn't that hilarious! I wouldn't really run into her but it's fun to make her do a little dance to get out of my way and see the funny expressions on her face. BOL!

On that day, this is the picture that came from that little episode! So, now you all know how to take canine photographs but the most important part is using a voice that your canine responds my case, the high-pitched voice that Mom has trained me to or so she thinks. ;)


Abby said...

At least your mom takes pictures of you. My mom is always yelling at me to get out of the way because she is taking pics of the human sisters.

Abby said...

Oh that last comment was from Gracie!

Amber said...

Don't worry about it are still an important member of the family! ;) Plus, I hear stories about you on the blog from time to time so I know your Mom loves ya! Who knows...someday I may suffer the same fate if we ever have any little humans running around.

Puppy Kisses,

I miss you Gracie!

Simba said...

That last photo was pawesome!!! can catch episodes online at for the Greatest American Dog



Tricia said...

love your blog!