Saturday, July 26, 2008

Speed Racers!

My Dad and Uncle Joel did an adventure race today so Mom and I went to support them!

I was right there when they came into the transition area to bark at them and tell them what a GRRREAT job they were doing! And NO....I wasn't trying to steal Dad's food in the picture above...really, I'm not kidding, SERIOUSLY!!! ;) BOL...who am I addition to my BARKariffic support I also tried to sneak a bite of Dad's Hammer Gel or whatever that stuff was! He was only racing for like 4 hours so I really don't think he needed it. ;)

There they go again...they have finished the biking and are now onto the trekking portion. I hope they don't get lost! OOPS...I believe Uncle Joel has forgotten his backpack....BOL...don't tell him I told you that but don't worry he came back to get it right after Mom snapped this picture. It's hard to remember things in a fast paced race when you are trying to get back out there as quickly as you can so you can win.

In the meantime...I waited and waited and waited and WAITED! I didn't think they were ever coming back and then out of nowhere.....

here they come.

And...they WON!!! WOOF! WOOF! Good job guys! Notice I also crossed the finish line with them so I like to think of myself as a winner too! BOL!

One last picture of me congratulating Dad....I am very proud of him!

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Simba said...

Your dad is soooo cool!!! Congrats to them!!