Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Update

A few pictures from the weekend

Playing in the creek with Mom

Hiking up to Cheese Rock

Visiting Mom's classroom

Playing with Brix

Relaxing at home

I also saw a dog fight...two dogs ganged up on my buddy Brix but luckily no one was hurt. I would have gone to help him but Mom grabbed me...I really could have shown those other dogs how it's done but I guess it wasn't my day. BOL! Really, I probably would have been running for my life. ;)

Then one of the dogs that participated in the fight decided to pee on me...HOW RUDE! So, I had to get a bath...YUCK! What kind of dog does that..doesn't he know I'm not a tree stump, a tire, or a fence post...SHEESH!

And I think that about covers it for my exciting weekend.

**For all you locals...we will be having Dog Dayz at the Farmer's Market this weekend so come and check it out! It is going to be PAWESOME!


Anonymous said...

You got peed on...that is terrible!! My mom would have tagged you in her game but figured you weren't alive 20 years ago. However if your mom wants to play on your blog consider her tagged!

Simba said...

great pics!! You look like you live in a pawesome city!!