Thursday, August 21, 2008

Breakfast in Bend + Lunch

While at the Big Sky Dog Park in Bend, my pawrents got a tip from a nice man to go to McKay's Cottage for breakfast. Let me tell was a barkariffic tip indeed! I mean...look at that food! Mom and Dad had a chicken breakfast burrito with tomatillo sauce, yummy potatoes (which I got to taste ;), and Croissant stuffed french toast. It was stuffed with mascarpone cheese and topped with strawberries.. YUM! The coffee was good too!

Not only did Mom and Dad get yummy food but I got my very own ice water bowl and a big bone!!! It was simply was so dog friendly and there were two other dogs there at the same time as me. When we got there this little girl about 6 or 7 years old proclaimed, "That's a Ridgeback!" We were quite impressed that she knew exactly what I was and later she came over to say hello to me. She was very cute and she knew a thing or two about dogs. In fact, she says to my Mom, "My dog is 7" and Mom says to her, "Nala is only 2", and she says, "Well, I mean in dog years...really he is just 1." It was very cute, and then she said, "She is very gentle"...talking about me. :) I love getting compliments!

Give me the bone already Dad...would ya? And while you are at it I will take a bite of your mascarpone stuffed croissant french toast and a lick of your coffee please! BOL! :)

Now, for a nice lunch spot in Bend, OR...Mother's Juice Cafe is pawesome! They have lots of outdoor seating with nice, soft grass for us dogs to lay on. They also have a communal water bowl in case we get thirsty. My pawrents also really liked their food...Mom said the best part was the pickled onions they put on her turkey sandwich. I wouldn't know because she said onions were bad for dogs, and she wouldn't let me taste any but the turkey was good! I did try to get a drink of Dad's smoothie too and this is what happened...

Picture 1 - "Hey Mom, think Dad will give me a drink of his smoothie?"

Picture 2 - "Hey Dad, can I have a drink of that delicious looking smoothie you have there?"

Picture 3 - " can you deny your only DOGter?"

Picture 4 - "Fine not try to pet me, cuddle with me, call me sweet names, but when it's dinner time you can still feed me."

Picture 5 - "Hey Mom, what about you...want to share?"

Picture 6 - "I know if I stare at her long enough she will crack..she can't resist my big, brown eyes!"


mum of critters said...

ridgeback=chowhound ;-)

you're doing a great job documenting your vacation Nala.

On a different note please see the link on my blog to Chai's story and please join us in boycotting FourPaws in defense of other pups of every breed

Kathy said...

Looks like you had a nice day!

It's been a while since we've taken our dogs on an adventure. My husband and I wil have to plan one soon.

You mentioned your friend Hank might be pit bull and cow dog. Our three dogs are Australian Cattle Dogs--blue heelers. Maybe that is the breed others have meant.

He's a good-looking boy like your ridgeback.

Simba said...

BOL! I don't think I could resist those big brown eyes!! ;o)


Simba said...

Check out this documentary on BBC on pedigree dogs..esp. part 2 and 3 has a spot on Ridgebacks!!! Did you know some breeders in the UK cull pups that don't have ridges!! So sad.

Simba + HM, Mel