Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Oregon Canine Traveling Tip #1

I promised you some good tips so perk up those ears...if you ever plan on traveling in the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, British Columbia) and you are of the canine persuasion then you need to pick up The Dog Lover's Companion to the Pacific Northwest or have your human pick it up for you!

The author's name is Val Mallinson, and she traveled all over the Northwest with her two Dachshunds, Isis and Cooper, to scope out the perfect places for us dogs and our humans to go. She gives you tips on where to stay, where to eat, where to play, and she tells you if the city you are going to has any special dog events like the Farmer's Market Dog Dayz event I participated in. :) If you click on the link above with the book title you will also see there are 10 other books for different cities and areas around the United States. Now is that something to bark about or what! Most of the places in the book are really great too! (at least the ones I have visited)

First, you look up the city you are going to...

then, you read about all the great things to do!

Our first stop on our vacation was Bend, Oregon! This was also the first time I ever went to a dog park...thankfully the book told us all about it and how to get there. The park is called Big Sky Park and it even has these funny signs to remind humans to pick up after their dogs. :)

I got to meet all kinds of neat and interesting dogs. This is Bruno, a 12 year old Dachshund...he was nice.

Then, there was August, a 7 month old dog from the shelter...don't know his heritage but he sure was a pretty boy. He was also very playful and silly.

Here I am chasing August and having a pawesome time! I met lots of other dogs too while I was there...Labs, a Greyhound, a Black and Tan, a Bassett Hound, some little Yorkies, a German Shepherd, a Walker Hound, and lots of others! I have never seen so many different was grrrreat! Plus at the park, they had a nice trail through the Junipers, green grass, trees, rocks, and water for us to drink. I really like this place and would definitely recommend it. The humans were friendly too and my pawrents enjoyed talking with them and they even got a good tip about where to go for breakfast but I will cover that in my next post. ;)

What is this all about you ask....well, this is your next tip. When at a dog park in VERY hot weather dig yourself a little hole to lay in and cool off. It's the best! Mom and Dad were quite surprised as I typically don't dig holes at home. They let me get cool but then covered my hole back up so none of my new friends would run through it and fall down.

After you dig the hole and cool off your muzzle will look like this and your pawrents will take you to the fountain to wash it off. So, that's your next tip...if you don't want your muzzle washed then RUN as soon as the pawrents start covering up the hole!

And when it's time to go home you will be so exhausted from all the fun that you will just need to find yourself a nice, comfy pillow to snooze on. :)

Doggy Dog Park Dance


mum of critters said...

You are an awesome tour guide - I really like your suggestions and I will have to check them out. Coast trips are my favorite, I'd love to take one with O'Reilly and Lakota!

I'm glad you just cool off in the dirt, for some reason O'Reilly rolls in poo at the dog park. It makes the drive home really yucky :(

Cute dance too!

Liz said...

How adorable.

I just want to pet Nala's head... she's precious.

Susan said...

OMG - your pictures of your dog reading the book are priceless!


Uncle Joel said...

Nala, it looks like your mom taught you how to dance. Uncle Joel will have to show you some groovy moves.

Tricia said...

We have the same book for Southern California. We love it!