Saturday, September 13, 2008

The family I have never met

As some of you know, my Mom is from WV and that is where she went when she left me for a week at the end of August. She went to visit her family...she tells me they are my family too but I have never met them. Maybe one day we can make a cross country road trip to see them!? Mom told me that the people in the pictures above are my grandma Ollie and grandpa Johnny, my uncle Nick, Uncle Aaron and cousin Elton (that's right I have a cousin who's a cat...YIKES!), and my cousin Kayla. They look like they would be fun to play with. :)

This is Ivory...she's a Pit Bull that Mom says is very sweet and playful. She's my cousin too, I think. ? She was apparently playing with a frog one night and Mom took her picture. I have never seen a frog so I don't know if I would like to play with one or not. It looks a little scary to me.

And finally, here is a close-up of my cousin, Elton. I am just not sure about having a cat in my family but it might be ok. I hope that one day I do get to meet him but Mom says he can be a bit temperamental. He will just swat at you with his claws for no good reason..ok, that's only sometimes and only with my Uncle Nick. He never did that to Mom but I don't think I would get too close at first. He sure is cute though.

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mum of critters said...

some cats make good family members Nala! And that's a cute pit - playing with the frog!