Monday, September 8, 2008

Mom's Home!

Well, Mom's finally home, and I am not letting her out of my sight! When she first arrived, she was exhausted so she took a two hour nap...where was I? Nuzzled up right beside her with my paw over her so she could not escape and leave me for a week anymore! :)

Since Mom has been back she has been super busy with school explaining the no blogging and very little play time for me...RUFF! However, I did get to play with Brix and a few of my other friends this weekend! I hope she gets the hang of this school thing soon because I NEED more play time! ;)


Abby said...

Hey Amber-
I was thinking about you today too wondering how it was going. Maybe we can get together over the weekend soon- it would be fun to catch up!

Simba said...

I hear ya on that one!!



Abz-Chelsea said...

I did smile, thats how Chels sleeps with me... Nala is definitely making sure you dont go anywhere without her knowing