Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Weekend Hike with Madi!

What a beautiful weekend, and even better that I got to hang out and go for a hike with my favorite tiny human...Madi! I WOOF her! Madi is deaf so when she's over Mom talks to her using her human paws. Mom has taught me some sign language too so whenever Madi's over she wants to constantly sign to me 'sit' or 'stay' or 'down' or 'spin' among other things and she does it over and over again. The kid never gets tired! :) It's very cute, and hey, I will perform all day as long as I am getting treats! :) Next time she comes over we get to go to the pumpkin patch...I can't wait!


Abz-Chelsea said...

Thats one of the best posts Ive read this week, how do you compete when you have two such photogenic subjects as Maddie and Nala :) ...Love the bottom middle pic in the collage...tis pretty special,certainly has been the weather for hiking here too

Amber said...

There is certainly no competition with those two...they always take center stage. ;) The middle bottom pic is my favorite too! :)

Amber said...

Also, Abbey...thanks for the collage idea. I hope you don't mind me borrowing that from you. :) I love all the collages you do so wanted to try one.