Saturday, October 4, 2008

Monkeys in the Middle

My Mom is a little crazy with her camera as some of you may know. She rarely leaves home without it, and she is constantly snapping photos. Last weekend, she got the pictures of Brix and Anna looking through the tire. She tried to get me too, but I was not stickin' my head in that thing...SCARY!!! So, the pic of me above is from last spring...I think. She caught me at just the right moment but I assure you that will not happen again. That tire thing is scary.

Notice, my snow nose. This happens to me in the winter. What is snow nose, you ask??? Well, it is a real thing that mainly happens in light colored canines. It is simply a loss of pigmentation in the nose during the colder months of the year when there is less sunlight. As Spring approaches, it darkens back up again. This happens in a lot of dogs but it is important to note that not the whole nose becomes lighter...only a little bit of it. If the whole nose loses color then you have a bigger problem. Some people say it is caused by less sunlight or a vitamin B deficiency but I don't know. I am telling Mom to ask the vet before it happens this year. I would like to keep my black nose black but then again it kind of makes me feel like a chameleon. ;) BOL! Anyone out there know anything about snow nose?? I would love your input.


Anonymous said...

Mmm, I think you are right, tyres are scary...but I love your snow nose, how unique

Abby said...

Cute pictures I think! Cave B was fun- it would have been fun to have you guys there!