Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall Fun

As you know from my post on Thursday, it was my Dad's birthday so to celebrate we went to a little town called Leavenworth for the night. It's a cute little Bavarian town with lots of good food. Do you think I saw any of the brats or fried pork cutlets though...NOPE...all I got was a dumb princess costume that is too small for me. I will tell you more about that later. Despite not getting any of the food, I had a lot of fun! On the way up we stopped for a hike and all the fall smells and colors were abundant! I sniffed everything in my path...WOOF..it was great!

My Nanny was collecting pine cones but I thought she wanted to play so I attempted to take her Larch branch full of pine cones. She won, but it was fun playing with her. ;) She is such a good sport...have I ever told you that she plays the best games! I love playing with my Nanny!!! When I see her I have a hard time leaving her alone because I WOOF her so much!

Here's me and Grampi...he was lagging behind taking pictures so I had to go round him up!

A beautiful Larch tree. Larch trees are in the pine family but they have some cool differences. They are actually deciduous trees and they change color in the fall and lose their leaves which look like needles. There were many of them on our way to Leavenworth...they made the mountains look golden and beautiful.
As promised, I will soon tell you about the HORRIBLE costume my Mom and Nanny brought home for me so stay tuned!


mum of critters said...

man Nala - looks like a blast was had by all :-)

Abby said...

OH how fun..I love Leavenworth. Can't wait to see the costume!!

Simba said...

what fun! Looks like you live in a pawesome place!! Would love to go hiking there!!

HM loves how your pics are all scrapbooked!!