Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ridgeback Rompin'

I got to romp around with my brother Bodhi today! It was pawesome! We ran, chased each other in circles through the leaves, wrestled, and stopped every now and then for a treat and water break. :) I miss him already...why does it always have to end so soon! I think I will ask Mom if he can come for a sleepover. I've never had one before but I bet it would be fun! Plus, Mom and Dad would have a Ridgeback each in the bed to keep them warm...I am SURE they would love that! BOL! On second thought, we could take the bed and Mom and Dad could take the floor as I am sure they would be more comfortable and have lots more room down there. ;) Probably wishful thinking but a girl can dream, right!

There's my bro, Bodhi, getting a drink of water.
He is also doing his chameleon act by blending in with the leaves.

Secret talk...we were planning our sleepover but don't tell Mom or Dad yet because I haven't decided how to ask them. :) Just think though...we could watch Homeward Bound, eat peanut butter straight from the jar, and stay up as late as we want!

Here's the group shot.

If you read this Bodhi, I sure hope to see you again soon!


Simba said...

BOL! Sleepover sound like fun!! So pawesome you get to hang with your bro-fur!!



Mindy Lu said...

PAW!!! Dudette... how fun to play with a brother. I just have a dumb sister, and she doesnt play like you do. Ill come do a sleep-over...yyeeeooowww!! PAW- Max the DUDE!

Simba said...

hey Amber..thought I'd pass on this link..I got a winter coat from here and they have a Ridgeback on their homepage...I'm sure it's hard to find stuff that fits properly like it is for me too!

Not sure how cold it gets where you are....


ps - the Ridgeback keychains are done...HM just has to photograph and upload..stay tuned...

Simba said...

whooops...HM typed your mom's name Nala..SORRY!!


Amber said...

Max...that would be awesome and PAW right back at ya! :) I bet we would have a blast together.


Anonymous said...

that is so cool - i took oreilly up north to see his brother and it was like they had never missed a day! and it had been almost a year! they played hard all weekend! i hope you get the sleepover Nala