Sunday, October 19, 2008

The heat is on!

And I will find it!


Anonymous said...

gotta keep warm when you don't have much fur, huh?!!! i hope your mom covers you in blankies at night!

Amber said...

Oh yes, either Mom or Dad always make sure I have my blankie on. :) During the night, after I have repositioned and lost my blankie, I hop up in bed with them to stay warm. :) Nothing like being with the pack and keeping each other warm.

Simba said...

ooohh...I LOVE heat!! Our apartment is tropical! HM keeps the fan going cause she can't take it! BOL!

I say Bring it On!!



Anonymous said...

i've heard that about ridgies - mine is a mixed so he has more fur and doesn't burrow. my friend has italian greyhounds and that was the first time i actually saw a dog that gets IN the sleeping bag and burrows totally covered, but when you have not much fur you gotta do that!

Aunt Suzy said...

Amber.. this is amazing!! I love nala's world and how you capture it! Hugs, Suzanne

Amber said... glad you stopped by! :)