Saturday, October 18, 2008

What Am I...

a kangaroo or a Ridgeback?? Mom thought this picture was funny because when I sit like this I look kind of like a kangaroo except that my tail is in front of me but hey, I use my tail for balance too! ;) Also, I sometimes hop up to see what is on the counter (though I have never counter surfed) and Mom says I hop like a kangaroo when I do that. Who knows...I've never met a kangaroo but maybe someday.
Anyway, that's not the real reason for this post...look below for that.

The other day while out walking on a trail that is frequented by dogs and their humans, I got into a little scuffle. Yep, my first official fight...ok, so not goes more like this. Mom and I met this group of dogs and I immediately hunkered down and wanted nothing to do with them. I could tell they were not friendly. It is not often I come across a dog that I don't want to play with but this day it happened. So, there I was in my submissive pose just wanting to go unnoticed and get out of there when this stupid gray dog immediately bit into me. I turned and yipped at the dog and then I went and hid in the brush.

At first, Mom didn't think the dog had bitten me but when she looked she saw I had a hole in my leg. She was very shocked and upset. She told the other dog owner (not a good one) that the dog had made a hole in my beautiful, muscular leg...ok, she didn't say it quite like that. BOL! The lady just said, "oh" and walked past. As soon as they got past us, the dog went after another dog that was out there. Mom wishes she would have asked the lady her name and phone number so she could have reported them but at the time she was shocked and worried about me and didn't think of it. Clearly this dog has some issues and should not be free to roam in a place where lots of other dogs (that are well mannered) roam. Anyway, Mom and Dad have cleaned my wound everyday and it is healing nicely. Below is a close-up.

This blurry close-up doesn't really show you the true nature of my wound but this was the best we could get. I hope I never get into a fight was AWFUL...not that I am a chicken, it's just that I am a LOVER not a fighter. I am a peace loving dog what can I say. :)


Anonymous said...

OWIE - I'm glad your mom took good care of you. Some people shouldn't own dogs if they can't control them.

You do look like a Kangaroo, definitely. I love that ridgeback sit where they don't really sit cuz they're ready to spring any second!

Anonymous said...
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Abby said...

That is terrible!!! Hope it heals quickly!!

Simba said...

awww...I can surely sympathize...I've got a scar on my handsome face now because of the same thing!! :o(

By-product of off leash hikes and romps at the dog park.


Mindy Lu said...

BARK! I can do enough damage on myself without allowing another dumb pup to bite me. Want me to come protect you? I wont let anyone sink their teeth into my friends, I promise!
BARK!! Sasha the Princess