Tuesday, November 18, 2008

May The Force Be With You

This is the new food Mom has decided to try for me. It's from a company called The Honest Kitchen and they are located in California. We are trying the kind called Force first but are also looking to try two other varieties...Keen and Thrive. So, this food is dehydrated and you have to add warm water to rehydrate it and let it set for 10-15 minutes. Kind of different but neat. All the ingredients are human grade and it is even made in a human food facility. How many companies can say that!? Oh, humans also taste test it as well as the employees dogs. I wish I was one of those lucky pups...what a cool job to have! It has all kinds of healthy, raw ingredients. Plus, the owners have Ridgebacks...they are some of the taste testers! Too cool!! Some people Mom talked to said they used to feed a raw diet and then switched to The Honest Kitchen and LOVE it! Many people also still mix The Honest Kitchen food with kibble and meats (raw or cooked) which is what Mom is doing for me as well. I have been HIVE-FREE since Saturday morning! PAWESOME! Plus, Mom called the company and talked with a woman named Tess who was VERY helpful! She is even sending Mom some free samples of food and some 10% discount coupons. Double PAWESOME! You should definitely check out their website...it is very informative and will tell you more than what I can plus you get to see the pictures of their cute Ridgebacks.

Checking out my new food!

Smells good!

Come on, open it up already!

Here is what it looks like after you add the warm water and stir....Puppy Pesto! YUM! Let me just say, it is sooo tasty! I always made sure to lick my bowl clean but never like after I eat this stuff. I leave no spot unlicked on my bowl now. I lick the bottom, the sides, the edges, the top, the bottom, the sides again, all over! It is amazing! It is so hard to wait in between meals!
Thanks again to all my pup pals who wished me well and gave me good advice on food...hopefully, I have found something that will work for me! :)


Allison (Dog Mom) said...

Usually the food that looks the grossest tastes the best, right?

Glad you're feeling better!

Let me know how it works!

Nanny said...

Glad the bumps are gone. Your new good looks like baby food. No chunks. As long as it does the job. Nanny

Clover said...

Hi Nala,
So glad that you are hive free! Looks like you had a really nice hike too - yay!
Hope you love your new food.
Love Clover xo

mum of critters said...

Hey Nala - indeed good to hear you have been hive free since saturday! the food sounds like a great match too - keep us posted!

Tricia said...

glad to hear that you are doing better. may the force be with you!

looks yummy,

Simba said...

Glad you like it!! Hope it works for you.



Abbey said...

Thank god your loosing your hives... must of driven you and mum nuts...your right it looks good enough for me to eat let alone Chels and Shiloh...