Sunday, November 9, 2008


Well, all I can say is...what a crummy Sunday! I was supposed to go play with Brix but instead I got to take Benadryl because I broke out into itchy hives! Yes, hives...I know it's hard to see anything in the picture but they really are horrible!!! About an hour after I woke up Dad noticed them on my face. Very soon afterward, Mom noticed them on my ears, legs, and belly. This really freaked her out so she called the vet on the emergency line. He told her to give me 2 Benadryl which she did. I slept a lot after that but the crazy hives went away! :) However, at around 5:45pm they came back again. Dad gave me another Benadryl and Mom called the vet again who said to give me more Benadryl. He said that if they are still there tomorrow to bring me in...he was very helpful and made Mom feel better.

Notice the bumpy areas on my legs...those normally aren't there. The vet said that I could have ingested something or been bitten by a spider or another bug! I don't know what happened but it is NO FUN! I hope it goes away soon...for now, I am going to sleep some more while Mom and Dad hover to make sure I am ok. I hope none of my four legged friends ever have to go through this!


Raising Addie said...


Poor Nala!

I can see those bumps and your poor face... ouch!

I hope they are all gone now.

Take care, sweetie!


Anonymous said...

yikes! i hope they are gone! my Lakota has bad allergies and often takes benadryl plus i have an epipen because her last bee sting paralyzed her. it is no fun.

Allison (Dog Mom) said...

Aaw, poor baby!

Both Waldo and Gus have skin issues--I know how frustrating it is to not get a solid cause! Every time we go to the vet, they ask us the same questions over and over. I just wish Gus and Waldo would be able to tell them what's wrong!