Sunday, December 14, 2008

Chevron comes for a sleepover!

This weekend, my friend, Chevron, and his human Dad, Scott, came for a sleepover! It was lots of fun!! Chevron and I got along great although he was only into playing occasionally. He's older and a bit more chill than me so I probably irritated him with my constant in your face, "play with me, play with me" licks and play bows and barks! BOL! He also taught me a new trick and I am so sorry there are no pictures but Mom was shocked and didn't go for the camera! You see, Chevron taught me how to knock over the garbage can (just like my pal Waldo knows how to do;) and eat and chew on the stuff inside! Oh, what fun we had! Mom and Dad didn't seem too happy about it though when they came home and Mom was just like Waldo's Mom trying to remember everything she put in the trash just in case we got something bad. She concluded that anything we ate should have been pretty harmless! Mom is now worried that I am going to do this on my own after the lessons learned from Chevron...all I can say is, if it smells good and it's coming from the trash can, there are no guarantees! BOL!

Also, my pawrents and their friends decided to play this horrible game! Poor Chevron and I had to listen to cracking voices, screeching guitars, and the earth shattering beating of drums. Ok, it wasn't that loud but we decided to go to bed early, upstairs, away from the not so beautiful music the humans were attempting to make! At least they had fun though! ;) Silly humans!


Raising Addie said...

Awww you and Chevron look like you had sooo much fun!

Rock band is really cool!


Ruby said...

I wish someone would come show me how to knock over the garbage. Oh I'm drooling thinking of all the good stuff to eat I could find in there and all the paper I could shred.
Love Ruby