Saturday, December 13, 2008


I was tagged by my friend Addie!

The idea is, go to your Photo Archives or where-ever you store your images; select the sixth file, open it & post the sixth picture contained there, with the story behind it.
And, finally tag six friends to do like wise!

When Mom opened her picture files to upload one onto the blog this is the sixth picture from the sixth file she found. A picture of me from this morning walking back into the house. Notice the snow...YIPPEE...we got our first snow for the year and it is still snowing right now!

However, when she went straight to her picture archives, this is the sixth pic from the sixth file that she found...
Don't be alarmed, it is not an alien but my Mom! Apparently, this was taken about 4 or 5 years ago (before I was born) when she and Dad went on a night hike. Dad was using some night mode for the camera! Weird!

So, I will now tag six of my pals! If you want to play GRRRREAT...if not, no biggie! ;)

And anyone else who wants to play!



Also, thanks Paco & Milo for the award!!

The award was given to blogs that show good attitude/, I nominate all of my blog friends if they would like the award! ;)

Next time I post I will show you our Christmas tree... we just got it today! WOOHOO!!!


Staci said...

Nala, I love your paw prints in the snow! I hope you get to play in it a whole bunch!

Very fun night vision picture!


Abby said...

Gracie loved the snow yesterday too!

misskyliem said...

Talk about fun! That sounds BarkTastic! Snow, a tree, a sleepover, a band in your house! You must be pooped! I LOVE the fact that you cut down your own tree! That's Pawsome! I do the same thing to my silly hat that they make me wear! You look like you were enjoying the snow! I can't wait for our first big snow. They are saying slushy freezing rain all this week.