Monday, January 4, 2010

My Christmas Celebration

My family and I got to spend Christmas in Medford, OR with my Nanny and Grampi! It was wonderful to be with my favorite person, my Nanny! Every morning I watched her door knob until finally it would open and she would come play with me! I love her sooo much. Also, I was so happy to see my Grampi...last time I was there he was having some kind of operation on his heart and had to be stuck in the hospital while I was at his house. I am happy to report he is out of the hospital and doing grrrreat! Also, my Uncle Joel and soon to be Aunt Etsuko were there with us too. :) I was a little sad though because my Auntie Alison and her family could not be there. I missed them alot.

I got to be in the center of all the present opening was pawesome!

A Christmas collage...what fun we had! Do you see what Mom got for Christmas?? Now she will be tormenting me more than ever. ;)

And here are my gifts from my sweet little bro, Remi! He sent them to me in the mail and boy oh boy does he have good taste! A cool spiral chew that I did not ever want to part with, some SUPER YUMMY dehydrated cheddar cheese, a penguin toy, and some more treats in a bag! He even put a note on the bag that said "No carrots" to make sure I didn't wonder seeing as how I am allergic to them. Maybe his Mom actually wrote it but I am sure he told her too. Oh yea, and some salmon jerky...YUM! Thanks Remi, you are one grrreat brother!

But the best part about my Christmas was just relaxing and curling up with my family!


Remi said...

I'm glad you liked the pressies!!! I really loved yours!! Thanks sis!!

JD and Max said...

Hi Nala - oh, such wonderful photos of such a great Christmas!! We love the last photo of you covered with a blanket, ah yes, blankets are wonderful!

Great pressies from Remi - you're right, he has great taste, we were seriously eyeing up that curly chew! Your mom is such a wonderful photographer and we're looking forward to loads more photos now that she's got that new Christmas Pressie! We really enjoyed looking at your photos, we could feel the happiness coming from them - wonderful!

Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh Nala - you have such a lovely family! What a perfect way to spend Christmas!!