Sunday, February 14, 2010

All Ya Need is Love

Happy Love Day!

There are many different kinds of love...friend love, romantic love, brotherly love, (wink wink Remi) peanut butter love, cheese love, sleepin' on the bed love, but the one I want to focus on today is family love!  Even before I met my human Mom and Dad, they knew I was the one for them.  They saw my picture and Mom says it was love at first sight. I must say I am pretty loved and I love them just as much in return.  It's a wonderful thing....LOVE!

Our first family photo on the day they brought me home.

A couple months later...I had grown.

A walk at the first Autumn with the family.

Getting our Christmas tree.

Just because.

Our annual 4th of July hike.

And of course, the day they made our family official!  They loved me so much that I got to be their ring dog.

How could they not fall in love with a face like this? ;) 

I hope you all have a very Happy Valentine's Day and get to spend it with the ones you love.


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Happy Valentine's Day to ALL of WOO!

I lent my mom out fur four hours so three khanines khould find the happiness we have!


brooke said...

OMG Nala! you were sooo tiny! so funny to see you as such a small pup when we just saw big Nala yesterday!
hope you and your family had a great Valentines Day!

Maggie and Mitch said...

What great memory shots, Nala! You sure were an adorable pup!
Happy Valentine's day to you and to your mom and dad!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

C.l.o.v.e.r. said...

Nala! OMD what a cute and tiny puppy you were! I love all your family pics - you guys are the cutest.
Hope you had a great Valentines weekend together!

Ms. ~K said...

I can certainly see the love in your family!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Hi Nala! Thanks for coming by to wish me a Happy Birthday! You were such a cute puppy! Happy Valentine's Day!

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

What a wonderful post with your growth history right there!! You were an adorable little pup---and still are easy on the eyes!! Glad you had a great V-Day!
BabyRocketDog and Hootie

Paco,Milo, Maya and mommy Simona said...

Awwwwwwww Nala....
What a beautiful and sweet post!!!!
You were sooo tiny and cute.....and now you're sooooooooo beautiful and sweet!!!!
We love love love your photos with your humans!!!!
What a great great family you are!!!!!
We hope to meet you soon!!!
Reminds to your humans we're waiting them here!!!!!!

And they were so happy and beautiful in thei marriage day!!!!

happy happy happy VAlentine's day sweety!!!!


And pleaseeeeeeeeee......can you forgive us for not have been around so long????!!!!
But we don't get your blog update.....I don't know why...mommy will try to put again your blog in our friends' list....
We think to you every day and we love love love your great photos!!!!
We read about your paw....ohhhhhhhhhhhh poor baby!!!
How is doing now????

Mommy would love to know which is the program your mommy use to give such a wonderful effects to your photos!!!
She dream to became a wonderful photographer like your mommy!!!!!
WAWWAWAWAAAAA.....we think will be a dream furever!!!!

Sweet kisses and licks!!!

The Army of Four said...

Oh, Nala! I love ALL of those pix - and you're right, nothing beats family!!! I knew I was home the minute I got here - even though I was "a foster". Ha woo. Riiiiiiight.
That first family photo of the three of you bowled us over. Look at how tiny you were! And as adorable as you are now! Woo.

Claire said...

OH. MY GOSH. she was SUCH a cute puppy!! (not that she's not adorable still :))
happy valentines day!!

achieve1dream said...

You were a cute puppy!! I love how your mom and dad got family portraits. Wish mine had thought of that. :) It's impossible to pry my mom from behind the flashy box to actually get a picture of her. :)


Dennis the Vizsla said...

Love, and an enormous pink tongue ...

kissa-bull said...

oh that last pikshure ish priceless
you are just as adorabull now as you were when you were a babish
pibble sugars
the houston pittie pack

Sagira said... guys are a beautiful family.

The OP Pack said...

We are very late getting here - but Happy Valentine's and Love Day to all of you - you are a very special family. We loved following your lives together through these beautiful photos - a wedding we will never forget. Ain't love grand?

Woos, Phantom and Thunder

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh Nala - this is just the most beautiful, beautiful post I've ever seen, I think!! :-) What wonderful photos with your family - I can really see the love shining out in every photo (but my God, was that really you in the 1st photo? Are you sure that wasn't - like - some miniature toy dog??!!)

I think you're so lucky to have such a wonderful family - and we're so lucky to know you and your family as our friends!

Belated Happy Valentine's Day!

Honey the Great Dane