Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Rhodesian Ridgeback Family

Just thought I would share some family pictures with you! I think my Dad, King Khufu, is quite regal looking, don't you? And my Mom, Apache Red Kelly,...could she be a prettier color of red? I think that I am a nice mix of both of them as I am a lighter color like Dad but I am built like Mom. Anyway, they are both quite beautiful looking Ridgebacks which of course provides the answer to where I got my good looks and charm! ;)

King Khufu (dad) and Apache Red Kelly (mom) both live in a little town called Yacolt, WA at ApacheRidge Ranch...this is where I was born. In fact, their human, Diana, let my human Mom borrow some of her pictures so I could show them off to you. Thanks Diana! I lived at ApacheRidge Ranch for the first 9 weeks of my life and although I don't remember much from that time I have a feeling that I really liked it...I mean...there are lots of other Ridgebacks to play with there plus there are some "human pups" to play with. My human Mom thinks that my early start with kids is what helped make me be so friendly and "kid-loving" today!

Then, on June 10, 2006, my human Mom and Dad drove for a long time to come pick me up...my Mom said that she knew I was the one they wanted right away...can you blame them? They had a crate all set up for me for the long drive home but I was very scared about leaving home and my Rhodesian Ridgeback family and whined so much that Mom held me on her lap for a bit. I fell quickly asleep all curled in a tight ball on her lap. However, this was short-lived because after we stopped for a potty break Mom and Dad decided that I needed to get used to my crate and this time they let me "bark it out" until I calmed down and fell asleep. After that, I didn't mind the crate so much. :)

Here I am in all my barking glory begging and pleading to be let out of the awful jail!

In no time though, I fell in love with my crate...it was like my own special room where I could curl up and get cozy! Wasn't I teeny? I can still curl up in a ball almost that size...ok, not quite but we Ridgebacks really can curl up quite nicely. I can squeeze into very tiny spaces especially if it means being close to my humans.

My first picture with Mom! She wishes she could still hold me like that but I guess snuggling on the couch will have to suffice.

Me and Dad taking a break from the drive to my new home.

King Khufu
Just another picture of my Dad...he's very tough looking, huh!

Apache Red Kelly
My Mom looks so sweet...maybe that's where I get it from!?

And finally one of the parents together...don't they make a cute couple! They certainly make beautiful puppies!


Simba said...

Awwww..you were sooo little as a pup!! Yes, your family is quite regal! Very good looking pups, all of you!



nanny said...

Such a regal history. Don't see much of your Mom except for the build. Also your face is soo cute. Much softer than your dad.
Keep your playful attitude, but not too aggressive.

DCampy34 said...

what a nice family - Me and Sweetie dont know our pawrents - we are rescues - but MJ does and wrote all about them on our bloggie. http://nybullybrats.blogspot.com/


Honey the Great Dane said...

Hi Nala,

So glad you gave me this link, coz I wouldn't have known to look for this post! What a great story! Your parents are gorgeous - I especially love your mother's red colour. I've never seen a Ridgeback that red before!

And oh my God - those pictures of you as a puppy!!!! You were TINY!!! So, so adorable, especially the one of your human holding you - my human says she just wants to "squish you" when you saw that picture! :-)

I can curl up pretty small too! I know exactly what you mean! Hee! Hee! My humans always laugh because they can't believe how such a big dog like me can curl up so small!

Honey the Great Dane