Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day Dad!

This is me & my Dad just this morning! I really think my Dad is the GRRReatest! He takes me fun places, fixes up my yard so I can play and relax, he plays with me, he gives me yummy food (especially from the BBQ), and he even lets me sleep in the bed with him! I made him a special Father's Day card with my very own paw print on it...of course, he loved it! I also, with a little help from Mom, got him a cool new tool for the BBQ so now he can make us even more yummy treats! hehehe! Dad, if you are reading this, I WUFF you and know that the BBQ tool is also for you to enjoy not just for me and Mom to reap the rewards from! ;) Happy Father's Day!

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nanny said...

Great picture. I think I'm finally seeing a slight likeness.