Friday, June 13, 2008

Nala Goes To First Grade!!

I recently went to first grade to visit some kiddos with my Mom. The class is very special to my Mom as they are one she has worked with quite a bit. As you can see from the pictures, they had lots of questions and stories for me. Each of them also got to ask me to do a "trick" like sit, shake, down, etc... They loved it, and so did I because it meant lots of YUMMY treats! They wanted to go through the line again and do another trick with me, but the adults squashed that idea...darn it...I could have had even more treats! Oh well!

This class really wanted to meet me which is why Mom brought me to see them...why, you ask. Well, Mom talked about me ALOT because I am her only DOGter and she used a cute little doggie that she named Nala in the classroom to help with management. There were three colored, meaning OOPS, we need to make better choices, yellow was a warning, and green, meaning, WOW, what super behavior!! The students really responded well to this and so after all the Nala stories they wanted to meet me! There is a picture below and although the green bone is covering the collar I just want you to know that my name is on the tag! It even kind of looks like me! ;)


nanny said...

So you think your'e pretty smart. Showing off to the first graders. Looks like you did a great job. But are you ready for second graders?

Abby said...

So cute! I love the classroom management idea....very creative!