Monday, June 9, 2008

My new RR friend, Riley

This weekend, I met a new friend. Her name is Riley (hope I am spelling that right) and she is a Rhodesian Ridgeback just like me!!! We had a GRRRREAT time playing in my backyard, and she uses her paws to give hugs when she plays just like me that PAWESOME (thanks for the new cool word Simba) or what! Riley lives two hours away but she was visiting some family that just happen to live across the street from about lucky! There I was lying on the floor inside when Mom comes and takes me my surprise there was a Ridgeback in my was Riley! I rarely get to play with other dogs like me so it was a very special treat, and I hope she gets to come back real soon for some more rowdy Ridgeback rompin' in my backyard.

This weekend was also my human pal, Madison's, 2nd grade graduation! Is she not the cutest little human pup you ever have seen! Ok, I guess she's not a pup anymore since she will be in 3rd grade next year...I still can't believe it! My Mom drove over for her end of the year school program, and she got to see Madi do a skit with her class. Mom said that she did a very good job...wish I could have gone but at least Mom shared the pictures with me.

One last picture...this is me and Madi hunting Easter eggs last time she was over. I am like a little lost puppy...wait, I am a puppy....I mean, a little lost sheep following her around when she's over. I really WUFF her! We get to have camp outs on the floor when she is over too and I snuggle up right beside help keep her warm, of course! I hope she comes over soon...I miss the little graduate.


Simba said...

isn't it pawesome to play with dogs just like you!! It's very tough to find other Manchesters around..but I did manage to find a few on Facebook! We organized a Mannie Meetup last summer. It was so cool to see us all together!



Abby said...

She is so cute! That is so cool Amber how invested you are in that little girl. She must just adore you. As all children do....