Friday, June 6, 2008

Queen of the Couch - UPDATED

Check out my new couch...that's right...I said MINE...not Mom and Dad's but MINE!

They don't know it just yet, but it is the reality of will sink in soon enough though, I'm sure. I haven't been able to try it out yet because pesky Mom and Dad are always around and right now they are being very strict but soon...HA,HA,HA...soon I will be curled up in a nice little ball on those soft cushions.

It matches my color and everything so clearly it was meant for me...right!?? If Mom and Dad don't leave then I may just have to wait for them to cave and they will...especially Mom. She is a sucker for my cute little face and my whining. Boy, do I have her wrapped around my paw or what! Eventually, she will put a blanket over the couch and tell me to "hop up" so until then I will be watching for the blanket. I will let you know what I think once I get to test it out so stay tuned....

Ok...I just posted this yesterday, and I have already tried out the new couch. It is much softer than the last one plus because the color is the same color as me it is very hard for my parents to find any furry evidence I may have left behind! ;) I first tried it out yesterday as soon as Mom left the house and then again this morning when the humans went to the Farmer's market...don't tell them though...they still think I am their perfect little angel puppy. ;)


Simba said...

BOL! Yes, my pawrents have tried that with me..for the most part, unless asked..I dont' go up there....they do keep a blanket on it tho. But I have a nice comfy bed right beside the couch too.

You're new couch looks PAWESOME!!

btw: check my blog today....hee-hee...



Abby said...

I love the couch!

nanny said...

The couch looks great. Your parents were soo smart to get the color Nala.