Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dog Dayz

This weekend was Dog Dayz at the Farmer's Market, and it was certainly a day for the dogs and humans alike! My Mom is part of a local dog club, and they helped organize the event. There was a cutest dog contest, best human/dog look alike, best trick, and a best costume contest. Check out all the cool costumes friend Samson (Little Red Riding Hood) won first place and then there's my buddy Hank in the camo...he won a prize for best trick! Mom and I entered the human/dog look alike but we didn't win...oh well, it was fun!

To kick it off we had a doggy parade through the middle of the Farmer's Market...see me and my Mom? Also, I'm up there with Dad and Colleen (Sierra's mom)...Dad brought me since Mom was busy volunteering so she and I could participate in the parade and stuff. Thanks Dad!!! Also, there was a Rally Obedience demo (I'm trying the course up there) that some of the people in Mom's club did. There's my Auntie Lori...I love going to daycare at her house! (she's with the Georgia Bulldog!)

More fun, from left to right starting at the and Mom in the human/dog look alike contest, Nancy and Lilly showing their skills in the Rally O demo, Leah and Samson in the best costume contest, Hank giving Christina a high five in the best trick category, Mike, Smokey, Dad, and me hangin' out, and Bob and Andrea practicing the Rally O course.

So, in addition to the contests, parade, and Rally O demos there were also homemade dog treats made by Christina and Debbi for sale (Mom bought me three bags..YUM!), Police K9 demos which were really cool, and then Mom set up a table for kids doggy crafts. It was a BARKIN' good year, I am totally dressing up as a fierce lion and learning a cool trick to WOW the crowds! :)

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Tricia said...

Your mom takes you to the funnest places!