Thursday, August 7, 2008

My First Concert!!

Mom had to work tonight so she brought me along. In the summers she works for the city and she helped with an event called Free Concerts in the Park. It was my first was loud, there were lots of people, little people crawling and running around, and dogs. What a GRRRREAT time it was. See the Irish Setter behind me...that's my buddy Samson. He came too with his family. The band that played is called SLYDE...they played 60's and 70's rock music or so that's what Mom tells me.

There I am enjoying the show. My Mom also knows lots of kiddos since she is a teacher so there were tons of little people that came up to us so I got to kiss lots of cheeks and eyes and noses and ears and mouths...even some baby cheeks. It was fun!

You'll never guess the best part though!!!?? I got to meet two other Rhodesian Ridgebacks!!! We are the only three in my small town but I had never met them before until tonight. Mom spotted them so of course she brought me over to say hello. Turns out we come from the same place but we have different families. Their names are Kona and Brooklyn, and they were quite cute but much more red colored than me. I wish we could have played but you know the rules...DOGS MUST BE ON LEASH!!! BLAH...where are the human leashes, I ask? Anyway, it was very exciting to finally meet them, and who knows maybe we will see each other again someday and actually get to play.

Oh, and GET THIS...I have been called lots of dog names other than Rhodesian Ridgeback such as a Whippet, a Great Dane, and a Lab among others (all of which are great dogs but not what I am!!) but tonight this older man called me a "Big Rat Terrier"...does he even know what a Rat Terrier is...SHEESH! I look nothing like that! Just goes to show ya.... Anyway, Mom and I always get a good kick out of people's silliness.

I mean, they are cute but REALLY people!


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BOL! The concert looked like fun!

I've been called EVERYTHING..from "Mini Doberman" to "Giant Chihuahua"!!