Monday, August 11, 2008

Hikin' with Hank

This weekend, Hank and I went hiking! We hiked to Lost Lake and back, and we had a PAWESOME time! One of the best parts was that this was a trail where lots of horses had been in the past soooo.....much to Mom's dismay I enjoyed running up ahead and....NO, I won't say it but you get what I'm barkin' about, right! DEELISH! Really, I don't know why Mom gets so worked up over this but it is quite comical to see her try to shoo me away. BOL!

Anyway, that's Christina and Hank up above and of course, you know me and Mom. We had a great time and the weather was perfect. Not windy, not too hot, just right.

Hope everyone has a tail waggin' good week! You won't hear from me for a bit as I am going on an adventure but I will tell you all about it upon my return. :)

Me and Hank at my house after the hike.


Abby said...

Looks fun. Dogs can be so gross...sorry offense!! Anyway when your mom gets back we should get together before school starts!

Tricia said...

Yes, Thani loves a good horse pie too. It usually takes me a day or so before I let him kiss me again.

Anonymous said...


Kathy said...

Hi! I'm Kathy. I saw your site from a link at Pioneer Woman.

What kind of dog is Hank? He looks like an adopted dog I know named Virgil.

Christina said...

My mom said I better go look at your blog because there's a comment about Hank.

He's a mystery mix with a big head. Wow! It looks bigger than mine in that picture.

Fun hike though!