Sunday, August 17, 2008


I'm back from vacation and boy was it fun!!! Mom, Dad, and I drove down to southern Oregon to visit my Nanny and Grampi...they are just down there for about one more year and then they come back to Washington. I sure do miss seeing them, but I'm so happy I got to spend a few days with them. They are pawsitively the best grandpawrents a dog could have!

There are not many Nanny's who would treat their grandDOGters the way my Nanny treats me! (She spoils me and I love every minute of it!) Every time I visit she always gives me the yummiest treats plus she always gets me a new toy. I'm licking some peanut butter off of the newest toy above. Also, she plays with me a ton and as you can see she even curls up and takes naps with me! My Grampi is also GRRRReat...he snuck me some very tasty cookies while I was there. ;) Aren't I one lucky canine!

Other than play with my grandpawrents, Mom, Dad, and I also went to Crater Lake. I have never seen anything so was Bow Wow Beautiful!

Here are a few other things we saw as well....Pinnacle Rocks is at Crater Lake, we saw Mt. Washington when we were driving along the McKenzie Highway coming home today, and we saw the deer lounging in the Ponderosa Pines at the head of the Metolius River early this morning.

I have much more to report about my trip but there is just too much for one post so I will be adding more later. You canines will definitely want to pay close attention as I will tell you about some of the great dog friendly places you can visit in Oregon. You humans should listen up too as your dog will be much appreciative should you decide to take him or her to any of these pawesome places!


Tricia said...

We just made a trip to Portland / Seattle to see friends. We missed Thani so much that I think future vacations will include our dog!

Abby said...

Sounds like it was so much fun!! Glad you are back!

KELLY said...


Looks like you were one spoiled little dog!

See you soon!

mum of critters said...

aw man! you are a lucky pup! i'm linking to your blog so i can learn from you! found you from room to grow!

Liz said...

What a beautiful trip! And that picture of your grandmother napping with the dog is hilarious. That's my kind of woman!

Simba said...

So cool! Yes, aren't grandpawrents GREAT!!